Patches and Windy Get Homes

Tootsie's Vision recently found forever homes for two of its blind dogs rescued from the Albuquerque Shelter. Patches is a chihuahua who has arthritis in his rear legs and very little vision, but who loves life. A wonderful person in Corrales adopted him and it was joyous to see the little guy excitedly follow his packmates around the yard. Another rescued dog, Windy, is a chihuahua dachshund mix and is extremely sweet. She can only see light and dark, and has a mast cell tumor wrapped around her ankle, which is inoperable and almost certainly fatal within a year or two. However, a kindhearted woman, also from Corrales, opened her home to Windy and Windy is having a great time and is already in love with her new human companion! Best of luck to Patches and Windy!

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