Woody gets a second chance!

A few months ago, I was sent an email from Blind/Deaf Shelter Dogs/Kita Angel (a wonderful group) about a blind dog dropped off at the Garland Texas shelter. The shelter was apparently notorious for giving dogs little time to find adoptive families before they were euthanized and I feared that this dog wouldn't last long. A terrific woman, DeAnca Ingram, volunteered to pull the dog as soon as he became available (she waited first in line for the shelter to open!). She called him Ojo and he went to live with her until she and I could meet up and I could take Ojo. We finally met in Amarillo one hot day when my car was acting up and I met Ojo, a black and white border collie/aussie shepherd mix (possibly) with no sight, but a loveable personality. We brought him home, renamed him Woody, and he quickly became part of the family. We decided to adopt him ourselves and now he is the official blind dog goodwill ambassador for Tootsie's Vision. His first even was a recent booksigning, where he performed with grace and style, and he is next to appear at a Multiple Sclerosis support group in September. Woody has heartworm, and is being treated by the vets at Acequia Animal Hospital and we are going to make sure that he gets through this rough treatment with flying colors. Woody is now my constant companion....there is little that we don't do together! Tomorrow is his first heartworm injection and he is expected to get very sick. Keep your paws crossed all goes well!!!

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