Blind and Deaf dog finds loving longterm foster

I received a phone call several months ago from a woman living in Paradise Hills, a neighborhood in the Albuquerque area. Coy Dewitt told me that she had picked up a starving stray dog who appeared to be blind, noting that he had been wandering about the neighborhood, or rather "staggering" for several days. I came to Coy's house to meet the dog and to bring him home, as Coy was unable to keep him. Grover was skin and bones, standing calmly on the sidewalk with Coy and her grandson, sniffing the air. He was obviously blind, but I immediately noted how gentle and sweet he was. He looked like a pitt bull terrier, but I later learned that he is a Staffordshire terrier and likely purebred.

I named him Grover, and took the dog to my veterinarian. Aside from being grossly underweight and with scars on his muzzle, Grover was in good health and appeared from the wear on his teeth to be about four or five years old. Grover turned out to be an escape artist, and became panicked at the thought of being in an enclosed space. However, after chewing on doors and gates for a couple of days, he settled down, got to know the house and yard and decided he wanted mostly to sit on our laps. The other dogs didn't know what to make of Grover. We have four sighted and two blind dogs, and the blind dogs are quick to react to the other dogs grunts and growls when a collision is inevitable. But, we discovered Grover was not only blind but deaf, and did not react to the warning signs offered by the other dogs. As a result, I spent the next couple of weeks mediating disagreements and trying to keep Grover safe and the other dogs in check. It wasn't a good life for our resident dogs, Grover or for me. I wondered if anyone would want to foster a blind and deaf dog, especially one who looked like a pitt bull (a breed I love, by the way, but everyone doesn't feel that way!).

After several people had expressed interest in Grover, but never followed through, we found the King family with the help of a friend. Suzanne, Mike and Aja met Grover and decided they would like to give him a trial at their home.....After several setbacks and problems, things gradually got better and now Grover is a beloved member of their family. His new name is Simon and he is doted on, taken for long walks, gets to explore his beautiful backyard area and has people around him he can snuggle with. From a rejected, starving blind and deaf dog in desperate need, to a canine companion and adored family member, this was truly a story with a happy ending.

We continue to get periodic updates on Simon and continue to be grateful for the chance to help him find his way to paradise!

This is why I love Tootsie's Vision so much, and why it means so much to me. A canine life transformed from sadness and suffering to happiness and safety, thanks to people who understand and love dogs. It doesn't get better than that!

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