Tootsie's Vision is devoted to educating the public about blindness in dogs, demonstrating that this impairment is not a barrier to a full and joyful life. We hope to teach others that living with a blind dog does not require major human adjustments or sacrifices, nor does it impose significant limitations in lifestyle or activity level. Blind dogs have an understandable need to feel safe and oriented, and with minor environmental changes, any home can become a blind dog paradise.


Volunteers from our Ambassador Program will bring blind dogs to schools, senior centers, community organizations and public events to demonstrate the versatility, determination and adaptability of these special animals.


Tootsie's Vision will assist shelters and rescue organizations in providing blind dogs with enriched environments oriented to their unique needs. We are preparing a manual to be distributed nationally. We can also help arrange and finance targeted behavioral training that will foster and build confidence in dogs with visual limitaitons. Blind dogs are amazingly resourceful and eager, and if they are provided with a feeling of security, they can release their full "inner dog." Euthanizing a dog simply because he or she is blind is nothing short of a tragedy.




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